CHRISTMAS Card Wording Ideas 2017

 CHRISTMAS Card Wording Ideas:

You can take your CHRISTMAS card wording ideas and combine them with our suggestions to create your unique holiday greetings.

All of the text on our custom printed CHRISTMAS Cards can be fully personalized, and as guidance we offer the following CHRISTMAS Card Wording, Ideas, Sayings, and Verses to help you choose the message that suits you best.

You can use one of our CHRISTMAS wording suggestions or use your own or mix and match.There are unique custom CHRISTMAS invitations announcements and cards that can be personalized for a wide range of CHRISTMAS occasions, including: CHRISTMAS party invitations, CHRISTMAS photo cards, CHRISTMAS greeting cards, CHRISTMAS thank you cards, and much more. Choosing the wording for CHRISTMAS cards is even more exciting in iDesign as you can visualize exactly how your CHRISTMAS card wording looks on your chosen design.


  • May the Spirit of CHRISTMAS
    be with you
    throughout the New Year
  • May CHRISTMAS bring you Joy
    and the New Year every Blessing
  • Wishing you Joy and Peace
    at CHRISTMAS and
    throughout the New Year
  • Warmest greetings of the Season
    and best wishes for
    Happiness in the New Year
    with CHRISTMAS Blessings
  • Warmest Wishes for a
    and a Happy New Year
  • With Kind Remembrances
    and Best Wishes for a
    Bright and Special New Year
  • Peace on Earth
    and Joy to all
    with love from
  • Wishing you all the
    Hope, Wonder and Joy
    that the Season can bring!
  • May the spirit of CHRISTMAS
    be with you
    throughout the New Year
  • Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS
    touched with wonder
    and filled with love
  • The Magic of CHRISTMAS never ends
    and its greatest of gifts
    are family and friends.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!
  • May your CHRISTMAS be filled with
    joyful noise!
  • Wishing you a CHRISTMAS
    overflowing with
    Love and Laughter!
  • May you have
    the spirit of CHRISTMAS
    which is Peace,
    the gladness of CHRISTMAS
    which is Hope,
    and the Heart of CHRISTMAS
    which is Love.
  • The gift of love,
    the gift of peace
    The gift of happiness…
    May all these be yours at
  • May all the joys
    fill your heart
    the New Year
  • Family and Friends
    are a wonderful part
  • Wishing you a
    and a
    Happy New Year
  • With every wish for
    a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and
    the Happiest of New Years
  • Glad Tidings for CHRISTMAS
    and a Happy New Year
  • Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season
    and a smashing New Year
  • Warmest Greetings
    Best Wishes
    for the
    New Year
  • Wishing you
    every happiness
    this Holiday Season
    and throughout the coming
  • May the coming year
    bless you with
    life’s every wealth
  • Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes
    for a Wonderful Holiday and a very
    Happy New Year
  • May you find peace, love, and the
    true spirit of the Holiday Season
  • Wishing you health and happiness
    this holiday season and in the year to come!
  • With all good wishes
    to you and your family
    for health and happiness
    throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing You
    All the Special Blessings
    of the New Year
  • May Your Holidays Be MERRY
    and the New Year filled with friends,
    family and good times
  • Hope, Health and Prosperity in (Year)!
    Warm Holiday Wishes
  • Warmest Wishes for a
    Wonderful Holiday Season
  • Warmest Greetings of the Season
    and Best Wishes for
    Happiness in the New Year
  • Wishing our Friends and Family
    a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace,
    Love, and Prosperity.
    Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year!
  • Have a Magical Holiday!
  • Wishing you
    the Joy of Family,
    the Happiness of Friends,
    and the Wonder
    of the Holiday Season.
  • May the Holiday Spirit be with your Family
    Today and Throughout the New Year
  • May the Magic and
    Wonder of the Season
    Fill your Heart and Home.
    Happy Holidays!
  • It’s the little things that matter most!
    Enjoy the Holidays.
  • Wishing You
    all the Joys of the Season
    and Every Happiness
    Throughout the Coming Year



So these were some of the ideas for CHRISTMAS card



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